• Recover Deleted Partitions simply restores deleted, formatted, re-formatted, lost, damaged, or corrupted partitions
  • One of the most powerful tools available over the internet to recover deleted partitions at your fingertips
  • Contains a strong smart scan option to search files in case they are not searched in the previous scanning process
  • Facilitates to save the disk storage space by creating compressed zip files of the recovered data
  • Instantly recover partitions on Mac and Windows OS based computers or laptops.

Have you accidentally deleted hard disk partition?

Data loss is one of the most common and annoying crisis faced by most of the computer users. The problem is exaggerated when the deleted partition contains your important files. Furthermore, it will stretch you in the state of shock when you realize the absence of backup of your important files.However, after losing data due to partition deletion, the foremost question arises in your mind is how to recover deleted partition in Windows XP or any other OS which you are using? Moreover, there are lots of confusion rushing into your mind like can it be possible to restore the data from deleted partition? If you ever face such an instance in your life, no need to worry. Recover Deleted Partitions is one such strong tool available over the internet to recover deleted partitions.

There are plenty of reasons for the deletion of partitions on your computer or laptop hard drive. Some of the most common factors for partition deletion are listed below.

  • Sometimes while deleting a partition using the Disk Management tool, most of the users unknowingly delete wrong partition apart from which they are deliberate to delete. In case if the deleted partition contains your essential files which are not backed up yet, then critical data loss is guaranteed.
  • Many a times due to improper usage of computer or power surge, MBR gets corrupt. Once the Master Boot Record of the system gets corrupted, each of the files saved over the hard drive gets unreachable or inaccessible.
  • In some circumstances like file system corruption or virus attack, there are probabilities of an entire partition might get deleted. Suppose if the user doesn’t have the backup of such deleted drive, then it leads to huge data loss.

Whatsoever be the reason behind partition deletion, Recover Deleted Partitions application will overcome it easily. Recover Deleted Partition utility is developed with advanced algorithms which performs a deep scanning operation of the hard disk drive in order to rescue deleted partitions in very less span of time. Even you can restore accidentally deleted partition from various data storage devices which can be accessed through computer. Industry experts recommended Recover Deleted Partitions utility as the best in the field of deleted partition recovery and many computer users across the globe have taken advantage of this software.

When a partition gets deleted, only its entry is removed from the partition table. Due to this reason, the operating system is unable to fetch such partitions and assumes that the storage space is free for overwriting. However, the deleted partition remains intact until the storage space is overwritten with the new data. Recover Deleted Partitions tool has a strong inbuilt algorithm which searches such deleted partitions and restores data from such partitions with the help of unique file signatures.

What makes Recover Deleted Partitions as best tool available over the internet?

  • Recover Deleted Partitions sorts the retrieved files on the basis of various file attributes like file name, file size, extension and date of creation.
  • Provides an advanced option to create the disc image of retrieved files to avoid bad sectors on hard drive.
  • Recover Deleted Partitions facilitates you to recover deleted NTFS partition and all other types of partitions of Windows and Mac computers. Learn method of NTFS partition recovery in detail on this link: http://www.recoverdeletedpartitions.com/ntfs.html
  • Inbuilt file preview option to view the recovered files before storing them.
  • Recover Deleted Partitions supports recovery of more than 300 types of files including pictures, text documents, videos, zip archives, spreadsheets, movie files etc.

Recent Updates:

Recover deleted partition external hard drive can be easily performed by using Recover Deleted Partitions application. To know more about external hard drive partition recovery follows this page:http://www.recoverdeletedpartitions.com/external-hard-drive.html

Recover Deleted Partition software has now ability to retrieve data from RAW partition. It has a set of new features which helps in RAW partition recovery. To know more about this tool visit: http://www.recoverdeletedpartitions.com/raw.html

A new version of Recover Deleted Partitions has been launched which is specially developed with the aim of recovery of deleted files from system in very effective manner in no time, to know more about it visit at:http://www.recoverdeletedpartitions.com/files.html

Recover Deleted Partitions application has now the ability to restore any deleted or lost partitions on your hard disk easily. It is enriched with some efficient algorithms to make it prominent in partition recovery from different types of hard drives. If you need to restore all the information fron the deleted or lost HD partition click here.

The following are the few simple steps to recover deleted partitions from your computer.

Step 1: Install Recover Deleted Partitions software on your system and launch its home screen as shown in figure A.

Recover Deleted Partitions - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select "Partition Recovery" option from the second screen as shown below in figure B.

Recover Deleted Partitions - Partition Recovery

Figure B: Partition Recovery

Step 3: Select the deleted partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure C.

Recover Deleted Partitions - Select Partition

Figure C: Select Partition

Step 4: The recovered files list will be as shown in figure D.

Recover Deleted Partitions - List of Recovered Files

Figure D: List of Recovered Files

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